About Nick Jantz

As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in stats of some sort. Even from a young age I remember being able to rattle off numerous stats and random facts about professional athletes. As I got older I started putting this knowledge and interest to work by analyzing stats and numbers anytime I could. This was largely focused on sabermetrics and other baseball data. As more sports started to adapt advanced analytics I took an interest in them as well.

In college I took a marketing research class and first learned about big data. I read an excerpt from the Charles Duhigg book ‘The Power of Habit’ that talked about how Target uses big data to identify major life events in consumers lives and send them highly targeted ads. I was instantly hooked. After reading the rest of the book on my own I set off to learn big data. I have since learned how to prepare and manipulate data in Excel and R. This site is a place for me to show off some of the work I do, both in the simple display of data visualization as well as posting actually blogs discussing any findings or conclusions I may have.

I currently live in the city of Chicago. In my free time I like swimming, biking and running or paddleboarding with my dog, Clancy. For freelance work or general consulting inquiries I can be contacted via email at thenickjantz@gmail.com. You can also view my resume here.

About this Blog

This blog is a simple place for me to showcase my work, largely consisting of data analysis I do on my own to practice my skills, data visualizations, and writing tutorials to help others learn basic visualizations and analysis. All my work is done using Excel, R, Python or MySQL. I will also host any datasets I use in the tutorials or for analysis and visualizations on this site as well.

All the visualizations on this site are viewable on their own on my visualizations page. There is usually a tutorial or analysis of the visualization found on the blog as well. If you have a suggestion for a visualization or a question about something on the blog feel free to contact me by email at thenickjantz@gmail.com.