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Nick Jantz Resume

Data Visualization and Statistical Analysis


Ounce of Prevention Fund

Innovation Associate

  • Analyze donation sources to help determine trends and increase giving
  • Help grow awareness by creating unique ways to convey the foundation message
  • Club Automation, LLC

    Marketing Manager

  • Develop and implement all aspects of company marketing
  • Analyze and report on website metrics to organization leadership using Google Analytics
  • Support sales team by reporting and analyzing on key sales metrics
  • Use business intelligence tools and research to create models for growth
  • CDK Global

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist II

  • Monitored client website data to determine industry trends from traffic patterns
  • Developed and presented additional marketing tactics to clients to help generate sales
  • Reported website performance using Google Analytics and proprietary analytics package
  • Created and executed website strategies to improve site quality, engagement and traffic
  • Traffic Digital Agency

    Social Media Analyst

  • Ensured timely social media postings by completing multiple tasks and setting deadlines
  • Analyzed and reported website metrics to clients via digital reports and phone calls
  • Created and implemented client marketing strategies aligning with traditional strategies
  • Built and executed a social media workflow to ensure active client social media proles
  • Supervised intern by providing daily tasks and professional guidance to ensure growth
  • Technical Skills


    Western Michigan University
    EdX Online Courses
    Codecademy Programs

    Western Michigan University

    Bachelor of Business Administration

    Major: Marketing

    Minor: General Business

  • Gathered, organized, and visualized data in clear, concise, and well-documented reports
  • Completed courses in Supply Chain Management, Finance and Accounting
  • Data Science Essentials - Provided by Microsoft
  • Use R and Python for data gathering and organizing
  • Exercises in probability models
  • Data exploration and Analyzation techniques
  • Intro machine learning techniques
  • The Analytics Edge - Provided by MIT
  • Advanced analytics techniques in R and Excel
  • Applying linear and logistic regression models to datasets
  • Data visualization for better story telling and insights
  • Analytics in Python - Provided by Columbia University
  • Working with databases in SQL and Python
  • Managing formatted datasets such as XML and JSON
  • Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics - Provided by Boston University
  • Using R and SQL for baseball analysis
  • How data science techniques can be used in baseball stats
  • SQL: Table Transformation
  • Techniques for manipulating SQL databases
  • SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics
  • Interact with databases to make better informed business decisions
  • Learn Javascript
  • Javascript principles for interactive web-coding
  • Using jQuery to create interactive web elements
  • Learn Python
  • Test
  • Contact