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I have been making websites as long as I can remember. As early as middle school I was always tinkering with HTML and CSS in notepad on the hand-me-down computer I had in my room. I somehow was able to figure out how a free hosting site worked and uploaded my static files through cPanel. As the years progressed I continued to try my hand at the basics of web development, eventually graduating to using wordpress and self hosted sites on the Raspberry Pi in my living room. It was a love of learning, and a curiosity for how things work that kept me going. I was never actually just content in getting a site to work, I had to know why it worked.

After years of copy and pasting off of StackOverflow I decided it was time I turn my hobby into a career. I didn't just want to be the only person at my job that understood the ins and outs of the website, I wanted to be one of many that understood how a development project worked and functioned. I signed up for a highly rated web dev bootcamp course on Udemy and quickly made it through the Front-End Development certificate on FreeCodeCamp. While I still don't consider myself an expert in some of the more advanced aspects, I do feel confident enough to build a complex website by hand, or with the help of some of my favorite frameworks(bootstrap, semantic ui, nodeJS and expressJS). I am also working my way through an advanced web dev bootcamp that covers some of the more advanced topics, and goes more in-depth on the back-end side of development.

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."

-Thomas Huxley


From one-off tests of my ability during class to fully developed web apps. The projects I've highlighted here are not just what I'm proud of, they show off my diverse programming and web dev skillset. Click any of them to learn more about the technologies I used to create them, the challenges I faced, and the problems I had to solve.


Core Languages











Additional Languages

  • reactJS
  • Bootstrap
  • expressJS
  • NPM
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Linux Command Line
  • Adobe Creative Suite

You can view and download a printable resume here.

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